2024 4th International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science (BADS2024)

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2024 4th International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science

2021 International Conference on business administration and Data Science (BADS 2021) was held in Hangzhou, China from October 22 to 24, 2021.

2022 2nd International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science(BADS 2022)was held in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China from October 28 to 30, 2022. 

2023 3rd International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science(BADS 2023)will be held in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China from October 20 to 22, 2023. 

In the current situation of rapid economic development, the competition in the market is increasingly fierce. The drawbacks of traditional enterprise management and the backward management concept have seriously hindered the normal development of enterprises.

In order to improve their competitive advantages and market share, enterprises must optimize their management methods and build a modern business administration system. In this situation, enterprises can only promote their development process by improving their business management mode and formulating scientific business management policies.

Data science is one of the most important tools for optimizing business administration.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract value from data. Data scientists use a combination of skills (including statistics, computer science and business knowledge) to analyze data collected from the Web, smartphones, customers, sensors and other sources.

Data is the cornerstone of innovation, and data scientists gather information from data, discovering hidden trends from raw data and generating insights that companies can use to transform business problems into research projects that can then be translated back into practical solutions.

Based on this, BADS 2024 discusses the state of modern business administration and the corresponding improvement measures in the context of the current reality, and 

  • It also provides a platform for scholars in related fields to exchange and share information, discuss how the two affect each other, and promote the modernization of business administration by studying certain business administration issues.

  • To open new perspectives, broaden horizons, and examine the issues being discussed by the participants.

  • Create an international-level forum for sharing, research and exchange that will expose participants to the latest research directions, results and content in different fields, thus inspiring them to come up with new research ideas.

We warmly invite you to attend BADS 2024 and look forward to meeting you in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China.

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October 05,  2024

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October 25-27, 2024


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Kashi University, located in Kashi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a university in China's Midwest University Basic Capacity Building Project and one of the 100 pilot universities for transformational development in China.

Kashi University was founded in 1962, formerly known as Kashgar Normal College. In April 2015, it was renamed as Kashgar University.

Kashgar University has 2 campuses in Gaotai and Xinquan, covering an area of 1,660,700 square meters; a library collection of 1,315,500 volumes, about 600,000 electronic books, 12 databases of various types of literature; a total value of 146 million yuan of teaching instruments and equipment; 16 teaching units, 55 undergraduate majors (including 4 professional directions); 5 master's degree authorization points of first-level disciplines, 7 professional degree Authorized Points.


College of Economics and Management of Kashi University was established in August 2017, with four undergraduate majors in tourism management, economic statistics, financial management and international economics and trade.

The college insists on cultivating people with morality, educating people for the Party and cultivating talents for the country, serving the general goal of social stability and long-term peace in Xinjiang, and effectively grasping the work of education and teaching reform and development. Since last year, three teachers have won the "Excellent Teacher Award for Teaching Quality" and the first and third prizes in the "Classroom Teaching Competition for Young Teachers". The college insists on linking theory with practice, strengthening curriculum reform, improving the quality of education and teaching, strengthening students' learning of basic theories and methods, focusing on students' social practice and innovation and entrepreneurship, and improving students' learning ability, application ability and social adaptability in all aspects. 28 off-campus internship and training bases have been established, and the quality of talent training has been continuously improved.


Guangdong AiScholar Institute of Academic Exchange is an innovative and research-oriented social organization registered with the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department and supervised by Guangdong Science and Technology Association, which is engaged in non-profit social service activities.

With experts in the field of research and academics as the core, the Institute takes the promotion of China's research and academic development and scientific innovation as its mission, bringing together experts and scholars from universities, research institutions, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to create an international academic exchange and cooperation research institution.

Empowered by information technology, the Institute plays the role of a multiform service carrier, providing high-quality academic services and consulting research for the government, universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions, universities and other groups, and actively promoting the cultivation of scientific research talents and the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, aiming to build a high-end academic think tank famous at home and abroad.

Adhering to the service tenet of "link, think tank, think tank", since its establishment, the Institute has made every effort to build three major business cards, namely, international academic exchange and cooperation platform, scientific research talent gathering platform, and scientific research academic consulting service platform, and is committed to becoming a link for domestic and international academic exchange, a think tank base for high-end talents, and a think tank for scientific research academic professional consulting.